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Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker Now on Audio

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Kirkus Reviews Chooses AOZ to be a Top 150 Book in Their "Fall Preview" Issue (2019)

KIRKUS REVIEW - August 2019 - Top 150 "Fall Season Preview" Issue

Del Sol Press was informed by Kirkus Reviews that the title, PIPER ROBBIN AND THE AMERICAN OZ MAKER by Warwick Gleeson, has been included in the Kirkus Top 150 Books "Fall Preview Issue" in both print and digital format. The Kirkus publication goes to libraries and booksellers nationwide. The novel was one of four SFF titles chosen by Kirkus editors from the ranks of independent presses.

Kirkus Review of American Oz Maker

This debut novel sees Earth’s best wielders of magic defending humanity against a space-born evil.

In the year 2038, Piper Robbin seems like your average mango-haired barista. The Brooklyn native loves Cambodian khor stew takeout and the idea of singing on Broadway. But she is in fact Bianca Elise Cappello, a centuries-old Grand Sorceress of the Holy Roman Empire. Her father is an immortal World Maker named Edison Godfellow, aka Leonardo da Vinci and Hercules. He’s come back from a futu…

"Midwest Book Review" - Piper Robbin (reviewer Diane Donovan)

Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker Warwick Gleeson Del Sol Press  978-0999842546                     $11.99 Paper/$2.99 Kindle

Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker is an intriguing blend of fantasy and sci-fi loosely based on the Wizard of Oz original, but moves far from these roots into the territory of apocalyptic fantasy and speculative fiction.
Piper Robbin is the ancient daughter of the Earth's greatest sorcerer inventor, Edison Godfellow, and faces a dangerous magical alien entity's attempts to destroy the human race with "The Witch Queen of Oz".
The seven Oz-like city worlds designed to protect everyone from this alien force are failing, and Piper is charged with protecting the human race as she struggles with a legacy handed down through generations.
The first thing to note is Warwick Gleeson's voice: it's simply exquisite. It's at once ribald, penetrating, gritty …

"Piper Robbin and American Oz Maker" - Video Synopsis

This is more of a short video pitch for "Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker" than a trailer as such. It sets things up and delivers a cliff-hanger. Apologies for the exclusive use of graphic stills. There were no video clips accessible that could do the job without making it look cheap or hokey.

- W.W.G.

Piper Robbin Shows Another Side


And now, for something different. Piper Robbin in her role as:

Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker Trailer

World Maker - The Ascension of Romanova

The prequel to Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker is now published by Del Sol Press and entitled, World Maker : The Ascension of Romanova. The story focuses on the maturation of Catherine Romanova, from young girl in her father's castle in Prussia to World Maker supreme, and then back again. Plotting style and sets are very different from the follow-up Piper novel. Characters like Romanova spend a liberal amount of energy phasing from one point in time to the next, and it makes good sense. Why? Because they are fighting a time war for the destiny of the 21st century.

One moment Catherine is at the Battle of the Somme in WW I, working to ensure the German army turns the war tide in its favor. Is this a spoiler? The next moment she is "bitch slapping" Genghis Khan in his own tomb (after a Mongolian wizard restores him to life), evolving to drag her abusive mother Princess Joanna down the castle hall by her hair. Regardless, the major thrust of the plot concerns altering…