World Maker - The Ascension of Romanova

The prequel to Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker is now published by Del Sol Press and entitled, World Maker : The Ascension of Romanova. The story focuses on the maturation of Catherine Romanova, from young girl in her father's castle in Prussia to World Maker supreme, and then back again. Plotting style and sets are very different from the follow-up Piper novel. Characters like Romanova spend a liberal amount of energy phasing from one point in time to the next, and it makes good sense. Why? Because they are fighting a time war for the destiny of the 21st century.

One moment Catherine is at the Battle of the Somme in WW I, working to ensure the German army turns the war tide in its favor. Is this a spoiler? The next moment she is "bitch slapping" Genghis Khan in his own tomb (after a Mongolian wizard restores him to life), evolving to drag her abusive mother Princess Joanna down the castle hall by her hair. Regardless, the major thrust of the plot concerns altering the course of the 20th century's two world wars, or even preventing them, and in doing so, disallowing the rise of the American military-industrial complex that will later drive America towards global domination with the help of the novel's main antagonist, Edison Godfellow (Piper's father in American Oz Maker, aka Leonardo Da Vinci).

Fighting in the past to save the future. A story trope found often in SFF, no question, but World Maker delivers it's own special spin on the trope by layering in bizarre characters, unexpected plot twists, fantastical sets, and blood-boiling violent action scenes that are told with a narrative prose style second to none.




      PIPER ROBBIN WAS HELPLESS. WORLD WAR OZ had exploded up and down the Pacific Coast following the dramatic ejaculation of Pentagon armor, Deplorables, and tripods from the Mojave base. Nothing could stop it. Given the prevalence of strong EMP deployment on both sides, nearly the entire western U.S. remained immune to virtually any type of destructive or useful Tao wavelength, magic or no. Thus the New Humanity Fleet, the Shadow Broker mages, the Dio Soldati brigades, and other magi-tech combat units were severely hand tied.
      A grim reality faced the forces of Oz.
      The Witch Queen was winning.
      The U.S. Army, prodded by her phony Galaxians, pursued Oz and Martian “sympathizers,” while California, deemed a hive of rabid discontent, became a primary target for retaliation. Several million human beings from Sonoma Valley in the north to San Diego in the south were potentially at the mercy of rampaging war machines and flocks of Deplorables wielding blades. The east coast too was in flames, the Atlantic surf red with blood down to South Carolina.
      Piper paced in her quarters on the Caliburn—a small and relatively spartan room with a few fern plants, a self-warming cot, two float chairs, and a wall-sized window facing the stars. She’d had no time for closure following the death of Murray Runyon. He’d exploded into pieces and she’d collapsed in the neural insertion compartment on the Caliburn. The techs helped her to stand, staring at her with sorrowful looks on their faces. They had witnessed the whole show via telepathic monitor feeds. A bit of Murray’s pain and guilt infected them too. Piper felt his young patient in them like a spongy wall that yielded to her touch.
      Fuck it, this is horrible.
      Where was her father? She needed to talk to someone. She could not go back and fix Murray. Would she ever? He was dead, the rest of them killed by the will of the tripod. Time spells were faltering or failing due to the war efforts of Mom Bee Coo, and would continue to do so.
      Where was Tazamat? Alcaeus? Cereus?
      They must be as split in the head as I am… all so pointless.
      She shed her pixie clothes and with a yawn of routine magic acquired the face, six foot form, and voluminous dark hair of the Grand Sorceress. She also shed most of her attire, including her cape and magical bling, and sat on the cot looking out to the galaxy. Her Grand Sorceress corporeality was tougher, stronger than her barista body in a non-magical setting. With it she could pick up semi-trucks and heave them a quarter mile or more—three times stronger than in her Macaria days. Piper knew she would return to Earth, as soon as possible, and help lead the fight on the west coast, come what may, even if her father tried to stop her or neurally insert her again—which she would not agree to. The death and life of Murray were too real, and though a spell could soften the blow of his existence within her, Piper wished to keep him alive. He’d settled in her like warm toast, and as a melancholy soup at the same time.
      She told herself, the duality was good.
      I love you, Murray. Maybe we’ll meet again yesterday.
      She recalled too the odd reaction of Kayla with the mind of Cereus. Her face close to Murray’s. Their kiss in the Martian night before death claimed them both.
      So strange.

      AS THE CURSE OF DARDANOS FORCED THE ANCIENT GREEKS to vomit, and the Brooklyn morning climaxed with horns, seven different kinds of music, shouting humans, the aroma of cooking meats, as well as the morning itself—cool and crisp, blowing red autumn leaves with a promise of auld lang syne—Piper turned from her father to see the Czarina directly behind her. Back to her old stunning self, she was haughty and commanding as usual.
      She spoke to Piper with a calm and casual voice:
      “You best transform to the Grand Sorceress, and with all your magical arms and accoutrements as soon as possible, for once your other father sees his plans gone awry, he will surely take wing with every manner of engine at his disposal, and every division of Dio Soldati he can muster, now, and from times past, as well as hundreds if not thousands of ships and other war machines.”
      Catherine reached behind her back and pulled out a black-plasma Glock, tossing it to Piper. “Perhaps you can make use of this. Just one round was sufficient to disperse your acrimonious bling dragons.”
      Piper frowned as she looked at the big weapon, and before a snarky response became reality, the air pressure of Brooklyn plummeted enough to pop her ears. The ears of the others popped too. She heard them. Other reactions followed. Edison grinned, and his grin waxed to a bigger and bigger smile, like that of a small boy flying his favorite drone to chase bad dogs while barking at them through the drone mike. Catherine’s mood, in contrast, turned dark and apprehensive. Piper decided to attend to the burning heads of Alcaeus and Cleon who had both collapsed to a fetal position. She knelt, cradled Cleon’s head first, and passed a hand over his face while whispering a cooling spell as he sputtered in agony.


      THE FORGOTTEN CHILD IN PIPER ROBBIN, for the first time that day in the coffee shop, understood the meaning of true panic. Crushing a stone to powder or throwing a javelin half a mile wouldn’t fix anything (and neither would anyone in New York care) like in the old days of Ulysses. Muttering spells that made deserts bloom or oceans boil meant less than cooking a burger on the grill. Mortality for all, even the gods and greatest sorcerers, might be just around the corner. People think just because you’re a great magical being of some kind you have it made. Nothing could be more wrong. Your hopes and dreams are often spit on, your happiness ruined, your friends killed, and you lose sleep at night, worrying about shit just like everyone else. And besides obligations you really don’t want, you face mega-dangerous freaks way too often because you’re expected to, you know, cause you’re the official bad ass superwoman. By the Brooklyn gods! Really? You crawl in pain and heave up your insides for starters, die in lots of ways, and after all that trouble, sometimes you don’t come back.
      Never had Piper felt the potential of death so strongly, and as a consequence, the need to spell-fashion a memento mori—a small half-face, half-skull ebony stone that she hung from a thin iron chain around her neck to remind her that she too, in the final hour, could not escape mortality.

        Piper’s stream of consciousness was suddenly interrupted by the start of the movie her father Edison had finally chosen. The musical theme for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 selection blared like old acid surf-guitar from the TV: Son of Hercules vs. Devil of the Desert. And as she chuckled and began to sing along to the funky lyrics while returning to the living room, her father (the original Hercules) pawed at the white bags of khor stew atop the coffee table. He rummaged for a moment, looked up at Piper with a frown and said:
     “Where’s the plum sauce?”
     “Uh, plum sauce? ... Khor stew doesn’t need plum sauce.”
     “I asked you to bring it.”
     “No you didn’t. Since when do you want plum sauce?”
     He did not reply. She watched his eyes stare through her and beyond. But at what? As she observed him, his other eyes retracted from their planetary orbits, and in the room of his mind, became a swarm of vision on all sides, focusing to search for one thing, one inevitable and omnipotent thing becoming a bigger threat by the moment.
     He spoke to her while in his daze of watching—his voice cold and neutral, yet vibrant as an echo of fallen idol: “Piper, I want you to go back to the Cambodian place now. Go back to Ms. Song and get the plum sauce… Please. Go.”
     “What are you not telling me?”
     “I’m not—”
     What the hell? Suddenly outside on the street, she stood facing in the direction of the Cambodian take-out, her entire nervous system tingling and parts shaking as if with Parkinson’s due to the abrupt teleportation against her will. The night fell black and splattered with garish light. She looked up to see the Wall Street corpse directly above her, and she swore he was staring down with an oafish mocking expression as if he knew something she did not. Then the ground quaked, and like balloons filled with molten glass, every window in her apartment building exploded. The shrieks of burning people next. How many she did not know, but she knew she must save them. 
     Before Piper could act, a whip of turbulent energy uncoiled like a sun flare from her living room window eight stories above. She observed the Wall Street corpse nearby disintegrate into a memory of burning sparks. She immediately recognized the nature of the force—a Tao magical wavelength strong as a thunderstorm yet contained, compressed to a small vortex, and potent enough to kidnap half of Brooklyn.
     Only a master black sorcerer, or a World Maker, could have executed the spell.
     After thinking about it, she had a good idea who.
     And if correct, she was in for the fight of her life.


     PIPER WITNESSED MILLIONS OF EARTH’S FINEST, refugees from the crumbling American heartland, herded fast and crazy as shark-frightened beach goers into the bowels of New Manhattan Oz—falling through to discover wisdom and epiphany, godless humanism, better brains, and new internal organs. Following a night or two of drinks and dancing on the New Manhattan sky islands, many fell even further, up to the Deeper Lands where they sought salvation, redemption, and a total life reboot free of debt and taxes, as well as the many other flaws of “civilization.”
     For the love of Brooklyn, they can even mate.
     Never once would they face the kind of financial and psychological corruption that the Deplorable club of narcissists and sociopaths had always forced upon them; and as a bonus, no human being was enslaved or forced to physically or metaphorically bend a knee. Social hierarchies based on riches or race were obsolete, money in any form bought nothing, health was assured, and beer was plentiful.
     True utopia. True paradise.
     It even came complete with New York and Chicago-style pizza, not to mention khor stew. This is what Edison told Piper after she landed with Alcaeus. The two of them, along with Edison and Catherine, now stood in a small circle, eyes bulging like owls in the long shadows of the gigantic trees, bodies tiny and unimportant beneath a violet-black sky of island stars.
     “Why are you telling me this now, Dad?”
     “Because you must know the full reality to understand the importance of what I am about to relate to you next.”
     “You’ve won the War for Utopia. Right? I know.”
     Piper glanced at Catherine and noted how dire and focused she appeared, staring intently at Edison. Something had happened, something not so good. This wasn’t about the War for Utopia after all.


Events, Places, Devices, Magics, and Beings

A magical being who fell to Asia from the stars around 8,000 B.C. Though the sex of this being is not known, its children, the original World Makers—Dao Changkratok, Edison Godfellow (aka Da Vinci), and Svetlana Frankivsk (the missing World Maker), among others—named him Ahriman after the omnimalevolent Persian spirit. They saw their parent only in their darkest dreams and its form always resembled that of a huge, bee-like creature, though with many eyes and infinite patience. Ahriman’s true origin and intent yet remains a matter of mystery and conjecture. Upon ascension to World Maker in the 18th century, Czarina Catherine Romanova also had visions of a similar creature she believed to be Ahriman.

Since the birth of the World Makers in the Bronze Age, only two ever possessed the power of aria, and both were women. The first, Dao Changkratok, lived in old Thailand and died at the hands of the Dio Soldati following an attempt to murder Edison Godfellow; the second was born Princess Fredericka Von Anhalt who later became Catherine Romanova, Czarina of All the Russias. The aria which channels the magical side of the Tao enables the World Maker who possesses it to access tremendous power, and in more unique ways. The World Maker literally sings complex spells from deep within herself, and in a style reminiscent of Italian opera.

Short for Aria and Magical Enhancement Web. A magi-tech Tao device created by Edison Godfellow that fuses with the neural architecture of a sorcerer, magician, or World Maker. It channels his or her will and amplifies any spell or matter-energy manipulation, and in a manner that disallows inappropriate, unwanted, or exaggerated effects that might prove harmful. The more powerful the magic being, the more enhancement potential of their power via the ARMEW. In this way, a hierarchy of power is maintained. A rank magician cannot, for example, utilize an ARMEW to make himself more powerful than a sorcerer.

Galician for “Box of Worlds.” An extremely powerful spell available to World Makers and high-rank sorcerers. The creation of Caixa de Mundos enables the user to effectively copy whatever object she or he wishes and store the copy in a container of choice—usually a small box or sphere on a chain. Once copied, the thing copied can be reproduced in its original size and form, and the amount of matter-energy able to be copied and stored, in magical theory, is nearly limitless. A capable sorcerer could, in fact, copy an entire moon, store it, and return it to existence at a chosen time, even use it to replace or “overwrite” an existing world. A related spell, the Gravar e Almancenar, is even more powerful, and could be employed in theory to copy the entire Earth in all its complexity down to the last molecule in the most primitive bacterium.

A creation of the Witch Queen (aka Mom Bee Coo, aka Nina Cohen) that periodically appears in the Deeper Lands of New Manhattan Oz at the hub of the four-quadrant land she created. The Dark House is always enormous in size, at times hundreds of feet tall, but its overall architectural appearance is never the same twice. Ordinary human exposure to the Dark House stimulates anything from bad dreams to psychotic breakdowns. The Dark House serves as the main psychoanalyst office of Nina Cohen—a forty-something Berkeley therapist possessed by the mysterious original alien from Orion who arrived on Earth and transformed itself into the Witch Queen.

A name coined for the totality of land that forms the very base of New Manhattan Oz—resting just above the city’s Operations and Security Command. The land was created and formed as a Neo-dimensional quantum environment wherein the ratio of normal distance to Deeper Land distance is 1/1000. The diameter of the Deeper Lands is therefore approximately 20,000 miles given that the diameter of the New Manhattan base is approximately 20 normal miles. The topographic features, flora, and fauna composition were determined by an invention of Edison Godfellow known as the Apparatus Creaturae. It effectively and randomly created various species of plants and animals while sculpting mountain chains, rivers, seas, lakes, plateaus, and much else of similar nature. The original motive for the creation of the Deeper Lands was to provide a habitat for humanity and its many future billions.

Italian for “God Soldiers.” Created, designed, and trained by Edison Godfellow as elite shock troops combining the best of magical Tao and military science—better known as “magi-tech.” A single Dio Soldati consists of a combat exoskeleton with six limbs, weapon packs, segmented armor, and sensor arrays. The tactical and engineering brain consists of a YJS-3.6 AI unit that interfaces with a New Human host. Non-EMP primary weapons include combat spells, nova burst, black hole effectors, particle disruptor beams, giga-electrics, black-plasma cannons, and others. The God Soldiers also fight in EMP environments (see below) through efficient utilization of sonic and kinetic weapons, including a pair of graphene broadswords. Each Dio Soldati employs six small stealth drones for purposes of reconnaissance nicknamed “blisters.” A typical Dio Soldati unit stands 15 feet tall and altogether packs a total punch equal to 923.4 megatons.

Born of a powerful spell by a Celtic British sorcerer who turned an unruly clan of Neolithic Irish into even more annoying magical creatures. Djinns eventually spread around the world and into the Middle East where they became part of pre-Islamic folklore. They are known to hate humans in general, the English and Turks most of all. Roman Emperor Hadrian once observed, “Unless under spell or sword, djinns should be feared.” As a consequence of being so cantankerous, not many remain in the 21st century. Estimates vary, but most sorcerers agree not more than 700. Djinns procreate by laying eggs once every century or so. Their life spans are many times that of normal humans. Powers include ability to change shape into insects, serpents, hawks, and panthers; control of wind and fire, adoption of various human guises, and invisibility after dusk. Their normal appearance is that of a furry, lemur-like creature not more than three feet tall.

A magical dampening field primarily utilized for military purposes during times of war that serves as effective countermeasure to both magical and non-magical Tao weapons—lasers, electricity, black-plasma, nova effects, particle beams, combat spells, etc. EMP can be maintained for minutes or days, the physical extent and duration of an EMP “bubble” dependent on the amount of energy deployed at inception. EMP can be produced either by spell or magical technology—the latter being a more powerful and durable source (unless born of aria).

An advanced and utilitarian spell that creates “life windows” three to ten feet in diameter for purpose of observation, collection, and transport. The spell can “open a window” onto almost anything regardless of location, thus enabling panoramic viewpoint or microscopic examination. Objects can pass back and forth through the windows.

A derivative of Latin in Northern Spain and the primary interface language chosen by the World Makers and utilized by all magical beings to tap and mold the magical side of Tao (see below). Early attempts to employ other languages were made, but none proved upon experimentation to be sufficiently precise, i.e., none allowed the threading of needles or the manipulation of microscopic fauna. The words of any spell, whether used to poach eggs or edit a storm pattern, must be spoken perfectly. Spells may be spoken in thought, but must be heard in the ear of the mind. The totality of spells, 33,569 of them, are listed and described in 28 volumes of collected spell code, and organized into a Spell Potency Hierarchy. Spells higher on the hierarchy can only be achieved by those magicians, spell captains, sorcerers, and World Makers who possess the power to goad them into results. A rank beginner magician may effectively access up to a hundred spells, and without the use of any device.

Created and engineered by Edison Godfellow, the Grand Human Transfiguration consisted of a painstaking, Earth-wide remaking of the human species in the 21st century by means of magic and technology into a new species known as the Over Being, the Great People, or New Humanity. Those humans who survived the methodical cleansing and rigorous psychological tests of the much hated and praised Transfiguration were gifted with flawless superior form, enhanced strength and intellect, functional telepathy, as well as age-free immortality. However, the GHT was effectively canceled by Godfellow himself (upon returning from the future) before it transitioned into Phase II. However, he allowed the full implementation of Phase I which consisted of cleansing Earth of all the various levels and classes of sociopaths, borderlines, and narcissists. This decision was based on his firm belief that a future utopian society would never be able to mature and survive if the usual aggressive defectives remained alive to corrupt it.

The magical other side of Kathmandu is a fabled, mystical city of tower-like buildings, many a mile or more high, existing within the clouds of the Himalayas. Arranged and stacked in levels, similar to Buddhist sanctuaries in Nepal, it is home to a population primarily composed of Buddhist spell captains of various levels, and their families. The World Maker Niccolo Paginini rules as a philosopher magician king. It resides outside the normal time stream, composed of solid magic Tao many feet thick. The magical Kathmandu was birthed following the trial and death of Socrates by magical beings sympathetic to the philosopher. Rather than take revenge upon the Greeks, they sought seclusion in a world of their own conception.

A starscraper and former command center of Godfellow in London which housed War Tracker during the War for Utopia. The upper half of the tower was obliterated by anti-Godfellow forces intent on capturing War Tracker—a primary strategic goal during the time war conflict.

Objects of rock and earth varying in size from several miles in diameter to over 200 miles. They exist in the Oz ether between New Manhattan and the Deeper Lands. Each individual Land of Never is possessed of its own unique environment, magical or non-magical parts depending on its purpose. An undefined percentage are meant to be evolutionary experiments, others serving as recreational worlds and/or places of habitation.

The Pointer Star. Name of the tallest starscraper in New Manhattan Oz, over three miles high, atop which sits the Heptagon—headquarters penthouse and office for the Governor of New Manhattan Oz, who is responsible for defense, administration, and pacification. The first Governor to occupy the office is Czarina Catherine Romanova. The Heptagon contains its own built-in ARMEW (see above). The bulk of the starscraper consists of living quarters, neo-space sectors, parks, offices, and recreation spaces.

The Small Boar. Known not only for its superb French cuisine, but also for exquisite dishes from many cultures, it rests atop a sky island that orbits the city of New Manhattan. It features a permanent form of Fiestra Na Vida that opens a large window onto exotic and beautiful climes for the enjoyment of patrons. The wait staff are morph-droids who imitate the forms of famous actors of all sexes, and from all periods, even back to the earliest days of film, including Mae West, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart, Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, and Lauren Bacall, as well as cult figures like Bradford Dillman, Adam West, and Ed Wood Junior.

General term for objects, devices, or artificial systems of any kind that are created using a combination of magical and non-magical Tao—in other words, magic and technology. The science of magi-tech was developed to an art by Edison Godfellow, known among magical beings throughout the cosmos to be Earth’s most brilliant inventor and nonesuch magical genius.

A philosophical reflection on mortality that goes back to Socrates, and a visual reminder that death is always near—usually depicted by a skull and often surrounded by other symbols. Piper Robbin wears a Memento Mori carved from ebony on a chain around her neck that is half face and half skull.

The soul essence of famous female warriors from centuries past who willingly donate “years between seconds” to assist an elite corps of spell captains, sorcerers, and World Makers in the future. Channeled via magical yarrow sticks implanted in the spines of their hosts, they augment the natural power of the host once they possess the yarrow. Ongoing interface with the host is accomplished via magical sub-space telepathy. Mother Yarrow Mario of Pozzuoli is one of the most famous Mother Yarrows, having possessed the yarrow of World Maker Catherine Romanova (aka “Catherine the Great”).

Upon experimenting with magically enhanced forms of quantum and non-quantum space, Godfellow found that with sufficient Tao energy one could “stretch” normal space nearly indefinitely and stabilize it within a defined perimeter. As a practical application he created vast areas within the Oz City-Worlds and on select New Humanity fleet warships to allow for more suitable and expansive living space. He later discovered that one could also vary the ratio of real space to neo-space within the same container, thereby shrinking or widening as the need dictated.

The final evolutionary stage of the human species—aka Over Beings or the “Great People.” Created through genetic engineering, they remain forever young, immune to illness and disease, possessed of superior stamina, strength, enhanced agility, able to heal injuries at 34.8 times the rate of the normal human, as well as withstand up to 13,200 PSI and 2400 degrees Fahrenheit in the flesh. Each is possessed of four mini-hearts, interspecies telepathy, 2.5 telekinesis allowing levitation, and minimum 240 IQ, as well as the ability to neurally triple process, achieve Spell Captain rank, and filter oxygen from water. Individuals serve in the New Humanity Fleet as crew, Dio Soldati, and perform all Operations and Security Center functions in Oz City-Worlds.

“Oz forever!” is the battle cry Piper Robbin shouts when leading troops into battle against the Witch Queen and her forces.

The seven city-worlds are Manhattan, Berlin, Istanbul, Kinshasa, Shanghai, Jakarta, and Buenos Aires. They serve two purposes. First, they provide utopian living space for the human species with ample room for population expansion, and second, they form an Earth defense system believed powerful enough to repel any form of alien invasion. The Oz theme was conceived by Godfellow due to his obsession with the popular Oz movie, and because he believed it symbolic of humankind’s best qualities. Each city-world consists of a crown sector that includes the former old city under a bio-dome and the new version directly beneath that exists in a condition of neo-dimensional space.

Founded by master magician Cereus Malcolm, and originating in England during the 17th century, the Shadow Brokers became infamous for intricate and customized spell craft that allowed for breaking and entering all forms of protected spaces whether they be treasure vaults or burial crypts, above ground or below. In later centuries, they expanded their reach to include computer networks and personal electronic devices. As a matter of course, they evolved into the world’s best trackers, investigators, and spies. Cereus was later appointed by his fellow Shadow Brokers as Grand Master Mage and has retained this title well into the 21st century.

The basic essence of the multi-verse: energy and matter divided into a duality of magical and non-magical. Whether the two are actually distinct from each other based on reality or misperception is hotly debated among Tao physicists and magic scholars. Electricity and gravity are considered non-magical Tao, whereas spell-driven kinetics and anti-gravity are considered magical Tao; however, both types exist de facto and are utilized by intelligent species for purpo*ses of creation, alteration, and destruction. The existence of magical Tao is far more rare than non-magical, though large deposits have been found via radio telescope to exist in particular regions of the galaxy and beyond.

Fought between the World Maker children of Ahriman to determine the destiny of Earth, and involving their two capital cities, London and Kathmandu. Though essentially a time war, the Nicholas Treaty drew the boundary lines of conflict from the year 1568 to an indeterminate future. The southern boundary of 1568 was chosen to prevent either side from accidentally disrupting the defeat of Ottoman Empire forces at the siege of Vienna. The boundary was enforced by a ring of magi-tech chrono satellites that annihilated any being or instrument crossing the line going south to the more distant past. World Maker Niccolo Paganini emphasized improvement of the moral and spiritual nature of humanity, as well as Earth harmony, whereas Godfellow, aka Da Vinci, emphasized genetic evolution, rule by sorcerer kings, and multi-verse exploration as key critical elements necessary for species survival. The War for Utopia concluded its first phase with a victory for Godfellow and London, however, a second phase (aka “World War Oz”) was later fought against an alien from Orion that called itself “The Witch Queen.”

A magi-tech invention of Godfellow designed during the War for Utopia to keep perpetual and meticulous watch on all changes in the Earth time stream, thus enabling a warning and dispatch system that triggered magical military “black forces,” e.g., the Dio Soldati (see above), to restore the original stream should unwanted changes of any type or degree occur.

The name often given to the second War for Utopia (see above). Once Edison Godfellow had defeated the forces of Kathmandu and won the first War for Utopia, he evolved humanity, transfigured Earth, and reached out to the stars, only to face an ignoble and catastrophic defeat at the hands of an Orion alien whose consistency and origin yet remain a mystery. In a desperate bid to prevent annihilation, Edison alone traveled backwards in time to New York City of 2038 A.D. on a mission to find his daughter, Piper Robbin, and ally with her, and others, to stop himself in the past before the Grand Human Transfiguration (see above) could provoke final disaster. Once he had succeeded in this mission, in part by creating the Seven City-Worlds of Oz (see above), a new war began, initiated by the same alien who defeated his fleet in Orion. A fragment of the alien had followed him back through time to Earth, intent on annihilating the planet, and thus, World War Oz began.

Inhabitants of the Winkie quadrant in the Deeper Lands. Unlike the Winkies of the original Oz, these Winkies resemble golden and hairless humans. Their oversexed recreational habits produce large numbers of Winkie babies who begin life as melon-like pods on the backs of their mothers. Winkies come in three sexes: male, female, and fem-two. All are well endowed, but the fem-two possess both breasts and penis, thereby having the ability to both ignite and nurture life. Winkie children grow quickly and within nine months are copulating freely. Their technology is Bronze Age. Winkies live in homes of mudbrick, wood, and straw, gather boolee berries, and engage in farming corn and wheat. Under most circumstances they are congenial and slow to anger. They worship a sun goddess named Ozma. During World War Oz, hundreds of them immigrated to Mars and began a new life there.

World Maker - The Ascension of Romanova

The prequel to Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker is now published by Del Sol Press and entitled, World Maker : The Ascension of Rom...